Things to do - Athirapally Tourism Visitor Information

Athirapally is a beautiful tourist destination located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India. Known for its stunning waterfalls and lush greenery, it attracts tourists from all over the world. If you're planning a visit to Athirapally, here are some top things to do to make the most of your trip.

Visit the Athirapally Waterfalls: The Athirapally waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India and a must-visit for any tourist. The waterfall cascades down from a height of 80 feet and is surrounded by dense forests and lush greenery. You can take a dip in the water or simply admire the breathtaking views.

Explore the Vazhachal Waterfalls: Located just a few kilometers from Athirapally, the Vazhachal Waterfalls is another stunning waterfall that is worth a visit. The waterfall is surrounded by a dense forest and is a great place to enjoy nature walks and bird watching.

 Take a Jungle Safari: Athirapally is home to the Sholayar Reserve Forest, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife such as elephants, tigers, leopards, and wild boars. You can take a jungle safari through the forest to spot these animals in their natural habitat.

 Enjoy Bamboo Rafting: Athirapally offers bamboo rafting in the calm waters of the Peringalkuthu Reservoir. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the forest and spot exotic birds and animals while on the raft.

 Visit the Charpa Falls: The Charpa Falls is a small but beautiful waterfall located near Athirapally. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and is a great place to relax and unwind.

 Trek to the Anakkayam: Anakkayam is a beautiful trekking spot located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. The trek takes you through dense forests and scenic valleys, offering breathtaking views of the landscape.

 Visit the Thumboormuzhi Dam: The Thumboormuzhi Dam is a popular tourist attraction located near Athirapally. The dam is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

 In nutshell, Athirapally is a wonderful destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. With its stunning waterfalls, lush greenery, and exotic wildlife, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience for anyone who visits.