Experience the beauty of Athirapally Falls and the Sholayar rainforest with Tripenticer's Athirapally-Malakkappara Jungle Safari 1 Day Tour. This exclusive tour takes you on a one-day adventure through the stunning rainforest, where you can witness an array of wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty.
The tour includes a visit to Athirapally Falls and Malakkapara Hill Station, making it the perfect choice for nature enthusiasts. To make the most out of your trip, we highly recommend planning an overnight stay at Chalakudy, the gateway to Athirapally and Malakkapara Tourism, and starting your one-day tour the following day. By doing so, you can ensure a relaxed and organized trip that ends at Chalakudy by 6 pm. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience. Book your Athirapally-Malakkappara Jungle Safari 1-Day Tour today!  
When it comes to discussing our Athirapally-Malakkappara jungle safari tour in greater detail, we would like to highlight that it is a unique day excursion. Chalakudy serves as the primary access point since it is located closest to both the railway station and the city. Our suggestion would be to organize the tour as a one-day, one-night program, which will ensure a serene and tranquil experience
Below is an outline of the trip program that we would like to provide you:
Enjoy a natural river bath at Koodappuzha Kadavu. The trip will commence at exactly 7:30 am the next day. Embark on a Jungle Safari Drive in Malakkapara Hill Station. Stop by Elephant Lake during the journey. Witness the stunning Athirapally & Vazhachal Falls. Proceed to Thumboormuzhy Dam & Children's Park situated alongside the river. Take a tour of the Hanging Bridge. Conclude the trip by visiting the View Tower & Butterfly Garde

Explore the Athirapally-Malakkapara jungle safari tour in the comfort of your own car. Take advantage of our professional acting drivers from Chalakudy to enhance your experience.

The Athirapally Malakkappara Jungle Safari Tour spans 40 kilometers of exhilarating jungle drive, offering thrilling opportunities to witness wildlife and explore the picturesque tea gardens of Malakkapara Hill station through trekking.

 The cost includes AC transportation, fuel, driver's bath, and sightseeing as prescribed in the exclusive itinerary.

 Destinations Covered: Cochin Airport / Chalakudy - Thumboormuzhy Dam & River View Garden, Natural River Bath - Butterfly Park, Hanging Bridge - Athirapally Falls + Charpa Falls + Vazhachal Falls - Poringalkuthu - Elephant Lake (Anakkayam) - 40 km Jungle Safari Drive - Wildlife Watching - Trekking in Tea Gardens - Malakkappara Hill Station - Chalakudy/Cochin Airport. 

The Tour in Chalakudy/ Cochin Airport typically starts around 7:30 am and finishes at 7:00 pm

Tour type: - Private & Group Tours available. 


Thumboormuzhy Dam, View point &  Riverside garden

You can be picked up from any hotel in Chalakudy or Cochin Airport and transported to Thumboormuzhy (Ezhattumugham), where you can explore a beautiful riverside garden with a children's park. The area offers steps to access the river for swimming and a clean, hygienic comfort station for tourists. Thumboormuzhy is an ecologically fragile area with numerous activities to enjoy, including a check dam and a breathtaking mountain view that is ideal for photography, particularly for honeymooners and serials.

Hanging Bridge

The Thumboormuzhy destination boasts a popular tourist spot, the Hanging Bridge, which spans the Chalakudy River, home to the stunning Athirapally and Vazhachal waterfalls. From this bridge, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking vista of the mountain ranges and the Thumboormuzhy ecotourism area, as well as the picturesque oil palm plantations..

Butterfly park in Thumboormuzhy 

The Thumboormuzhy Butterfly Park is becoming increasingly recognized as a significant ecotourism destination within Athirapally Tourism. This picturesque location serves as a natural habitat for numerous butterfly species, though butterfly sightings are subject to seasonality. Interestingly, the lifespan of certain butterfly varieties can range anywhere from a mere four days to as long as 40 days. More...

Poringalkuthu Hydel Tourism ( if get permission)

Tourists are always drawn to the dams and hydel reservoirs of Kerala, as they offer breathtaking scenery and unique opportunities for exploration. Poringalkuthu, which was recently opened for tourism and offered boating facilities, has unfortunately been closed for official reasons. However, we remain hopeful that it will soon be reopened for visitors to enjoy. This stunning location boasts rare varieties of birds, as well as an abundance of flora and fauna. Additionally, there is a Government IB on site, making it a convenient and comfortable destination for travelers.

Trekking In the Malakkappara Tea estate

Trekking is the most authentic way to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Sholayar ranges of the Western Ghats. It evokes a sense of intimacy and camaraderie with nature, and venturing through the rainforests is truly a remarkable experience. However, given our time constraints, one can opt to trek along the tea estates' path for 1 or 2 kilometers to relish the delightful Malakkappara Hill station experience.

Wildlife watch 

As you explore the evergreen forests of Western Ghats, you'll find yourself surrounded by a rich and diverse ecosystem teeming with wildlife. The Western Ghats are home to a wide range of species, including many that are endangered, making this area a true treasure trove for nature lovers and conservationists alike. More>>>

Anakkayam ( Elephant's Lake )

Anakkayam, which means "Elephant pit" in Malayalam, is a cluster of lakes that have formed naturally amidst the concrete jungle. During summer, wild animals, including elephants, visit these lakes in search of water to drink and bathe in. The sight of these animals in the midst of the jungle is a breathtakingly beautiful scenery. The pleasant climate and the grandeur of the jungle make Anakkayam an immensely attractive destination.

Malakkappara Tea estate 

Malakkappara is a charming border village located in close proximity to Tamil Nadu's Valparai region. The entire area is abundant with tea plantations, making it a sight to behold. Notably, there are tea factories located in the region, and it is a common sight to witness workers collecting fresh tea buds from the plants. For those who wish to experience the beauty of the area up close, a short trek through the tea plantation is a must-try activity.

NoteIt goes only up to Malakkappara Tea estate till Kerala border from Chalakudy Railway stn  Transportation by AC CAR

Vazhachal Waterfalls

One must visit Athirapally Waterfalls and take the opportunity to explore both the top and bottom of the falls at their own pace. These falls are situated on the Chalakudy River, which originates from the upper reaches of the Western Ghats on the Sholayar ranges and flows until it reaches the Arabian Sea. With a height of 80 feet, Athirapally Waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Kerala. The falls are encompassed by lush green forests that provide a habitat for numerous endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna

Charpa fall

Charpa Falls is situated to the east of Athirappilly, and lies between the well-known Athirapally Falls and Vazhachal Falls. This waterfall is a seasonal attraction that appears during the monsoon season and gradually disappears as the summer approaches. Despite being relatively lesser-known, Charpa Falls is a mesmerizing sight to behold, with its thunderous roar heard right from the roadside. If you plan to visit Athirapally during the rainy season, be prepared to get soaked while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Charpa Falls.

Athirapally Water Falls 

If you're looking for a leisurely exploration of both the upper and lower sections of a spectacular waterfall, consider visiting Athirapally Waterfalls. Located on the Chalakudy River, this impressive cascade originates from the Sholayar ranges in the upper reaches of the Western Ghats before flowing into the Arabian Sea. Athirapally stands tall at 80 feet, making it the largest waterfall in Kerala. The surrounding verdant forests offer a natural sanctuary to numerous endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna, adding to the allure of this stunning natural wonder.

Transportation by Ac Car