Athirapally - Kodanad ( Kaprikkad) Mini Zoo Tour 2 Days


Day 01 :- Athirapally Water Falls

Reception @ at Chalakudy Railway Station / Cochin Airport, (Cochin airport / Aluva/ Ernakulam Rly Stn- will come extra payment), transfer to Hotel, Relax, Vist Athirapally waterfalls, go on the top and bottom of The waterfalls.Explore waterfall at your leisure. falls in Rainforest (Kerala's highest falls in the rain forest)

Vazhachal Waterfalls

Visit Vazhachal falls, it is beautiful in the landscape. Vazhachal is just 5 km only from Athirapally falls. Vazhachal is the area of ecotourism. Guests can walk around 1 km through the banks of the River, Lifeguards of the Tribal community takes care of the security. A shop of rare tribal products is working there.

Oil palm Estate

There is a Oil palm estate by Kerala Plantaion Corportaion in Athirappally. The Estate spreads along the banks of Chalakudy river. The panoramic view of these plantations attracts a lot of tourists.

Thumboormuzhy Dam, Viewpoint, Riverside Garden, Natural bath,

The most beautiful garden with a Children's Park, Riverside garden with the facility of natural river bath. It is an eco-fragile area with a lot of activities. It has basically a check dam,> This part of the river is most suitable for bath. It has a beautiful mountain view of eye-catching. Kerala's no-1 Butterfly garden is in Thumboormuzhy, it is a photo point for honeymooners, serials etc

Butterfly park in Thumboormuzhy

Thumboormuzhy Butterfly Park is growing to be one of the important eco-tourism attractions in Chalakudy- Athirapally Ecotourism.A visit to Athirapally will be completed only with a visit to Thumboormuzhy. It is astonishing that Thumboormuzhy attracts more tourists than Athirapally. Tourists across the globe are visiting Thumboormuzhy. Thumboormuzhy is the natural habitat of various species of butterfly's.Of course, butterfly sighting is seasonal. The lifespan of some varieties of butterfly is only four days and in some other case, it is up to 40 days More

Hanging Bridge in Thumboormuzhy

Hanging Bridge is across Chalakudy river connecting 2 sides in Thumboormuzhy. It offers a panoramic view of

Thumboormuzhy, it is really an experience you have to enjoy, o/n at Hotel

Day 02:- Kodanad Elephant Kraal & Mini Zoo

Abhayaranyam mini zoo is on the banks of the Periyar River. Elephants Takes bath everyday morning. Many Tourists come here at see This . Around 8 'O clock, Elephants are taken for bath. There are 5 to 7 Elephants well maintained

Deers Park

There are Hundreds of deers,roaming around in a natural forest area, with proper fencing . This offers safety of animals and visitors. There is Walking trails from the entrance to the deers Park. There are more parks like in the Zoo.

Abhayaranyam mini zoo

You can walk around in the natural forest through the trails and enjoy the nature.It is situated in the midst of a forest wher places are allotted for animals such as the spotted deers, sambar (a large deer native to the Indian Subcontinent),and elephants with large areas. There Are proper Fencing for the protection of the Visitors. Its one Side s Periyar River. Animals have lots of areas to roam around freely. Red Sandel wood forest is there.

Adi Shankara Janma Bhumi Kstetram

Shrine of Sri Shradamba. Kalady, the Adi Shankara Janma Bhumi Kstetram or birth place of Sri Sankara. is now administered by Sringeri mutt. There are shrines and temples inside mut and the there is a opening to River Periyar too.Crocodile Ghat is an important part of it. Evening drop at Angamally / Chalakudy Railway Station