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Athirapally Waterfalls is located at the entrance of Sholayar ranges, the major host town is Chalakudy, this waterfall is one of the major picnic spots of Kerala. Affording to the onlookers, one of the most bewitching sights, Athirapally water Falls is 80 feet high and located exactly in the forest area. Combined with the natural greenery.. 


 Hot-Selling  Athirapally Packages

 Athirapally Day  Tour
 Athirapally- Malakkappara Jungle Safari
Athirapally- Valparai Jungle Safari
2 Days 1 Night Athirapally Tour
2 Days Athirapally- Malakkappara Tour  
2 Days Athirapally- Valparai Tour

2 Days Athirapally- Guruvayur Tour

2 Days Athirapally- Cochin Tou

2 Days Athirapally -Alleppey Tour

           2 Days Athirapally- Kumarakom Tour

2 Days Athirapally- Vagamon Tour 

          3 Days Athirapally- Munnar Tour
3 Days Athirapally-Thekkady Tour

3 Days Alleppey Houseboat Tour 

3 Days Kumarakom Houseboat Tour

3 Days  Topslip -Valparai Tour

4 Days  Anamalai - Topslip -Valparai Tour 

Athirapally- Valparai  Honeymoon 

   Athirapally Day Tour packages

  Athirapally - Valparai- Anamalai Tours 

    Aliyar - Valparai Tour 2 Days 
    Athirapally Malakkaparai Tour 2 Days 
    Athirapally Valparai Tour 2 Days 
    Athirapally Palani Tour 2 Days 
    Anamalai - Valparai Tour 3 Days 
    Anamalai - Valparai Tour 4 Days

      Athirapally Tour 2 Days 1 Night

      Athirapally Ecotour 2 Days 1 Night
      Athirapally Malakkaparai Tour 2 Days 
       Athirapally Guruvayur Tour 2 Days 
      Athirapally Cochin Tour 2 Days 
       Athirapally Vagamon Tour 2 Days 
       Athirapally Kodungallooor Tour 2 Days 
      Athirapally Alleppey 2 Days
      Athirapally Kumarakom 2 Days

  Athirapally 3 Days 2 Nights  Tours

      Kerala Monsoon Tours 20 Days
      South India Monsoon Tours 28 Days 

   Athirapally 4 Days 3 Nights Tours  

      Athirapally Ecotour 2 Days 1 Night
      Athirapally Malakkaparai Tour 2 Days 
        Athirapally Guruvayur Tour 2 Days 
        Athirapally Cochin Tour 2 Days  

  Athirapally - Kerala Tour Packages

     Athirapally Ecotour 2 Days 1 Night
      Athirapally Malakkaparai Tour 2 Days 
       Athirapally Guruvayur Tour 2 Days 
      Athirapally Cochin Tour 2 Days  

   Athirapally - South India Tours  

   Athirapally Ecotour 2 Days 1 Night
      Athirapally Malakkaparai Tour 2 Days 
       Athirapally Guruvayur Tour 2 Days 
      Athirapally Cochin Tour 2 Days 

 Athirapally Honeymoon Packages

       Athirapally Ecotour 2 Days 1 Night
      Athirapally Malakkaparai Tour 2 Days 
       Athirapally Guruvayur Tour 2 Days 
      Athirapally Cochin Tour 2 Days  


    Onam festival in Kerala Monsoon 
    Nehru Trophy Boat Race  in Monsoon                    Anayootu In Guruvayur  

Monsoon Packages by Destinations 


Athirappilly Falls is situated in Athirappilly panchayath in Thrissur district of Kerala, on the southwest coast of India. Located on the west-flowing Chalakudy River near the Vazhachal Forest Division and the Sholayar ranges, this 80 ft waterfall and the nearby Vazhachal Falls are popular tourist destinations.
Vazhachal Falls is a rushing watercourse in the Chalakkudy River in the Thrissur district of KeralaSouth India. It is located 36km from Chalakkudi and 5km from Athirappilly Falls
There is a  construction of a weir atThumboormuzhi across the Chalakudy river and diverting the water for Irrigation purpose.stage I of the scheme comprising a weir at Thumboormuzhi across Chalakudy river and a part of the canal system was commissioned in 1957 and stage II was commissioned in 1966.
Charpa Falls is one of the scenic locations in Thrissur. Situated close to the Athirappilly Falls (60 km from Thrissur), the waterfall is a part of River Chalakkudy. During monsoon months (June to August) it plunges on to the road.
Poringalkuthu Hydel Tourism has much in store for the visitors. One can enjoy a nice view of the Dam and the adjoining areas part from the other amenities facilitated there.

  Dream World, the state-of-the-art water theme park is situated close to the Athirappilly waterfalls and other nearby attractions of Vazhachal, Thumboormuzhy and Sholayar. The Rain Dance with snow effect was introduced for the first time in Kerala.
Holy Land, Chalakudy is a municipal town situated on the banks of Chalakudy River in Thrissur District of the Kerala State in India. It is the base camp for travellers to Athirappilly and Vazhachal Falls.
  Silver Storm in God's Own Country – Kerala introducing a novelty of Amusement with the hearty touch of elegance. A place, encircled with the symphony of nature, blessed by the almighty, adorned with the western ghats.   
Valparai is the hill staion in the Anamalai Mountain range about 64Kms from pollachi, Tamilnadu,It is a place which not yet polluted by the influx of thr tourists . It is a  It was a scenic beauty, every spot was a photographer’s paradise
Top Slip is about 35 Kms from Pollachi, it is the visitor centre for American wild life sanctuary. Anamalai is one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in india with some900 Sq Kms of forest area Top-Slip is also the gateway for adjoining Parambikulam sanctuary in Kerala
Kodaikanal is a city in the hills of the taluk division of the Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Its name in the Tamil language means "The Gift of the Forest".Kodaikanal is referred to as the "Princess of Hill stations" and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination
Munnar is a hill station on the Western Ghats, a range of mountains situated in the Idukki district of the Indian state of Kerala.Munnar town is in Kannan Devan Hills ( KDH ) Village in Devikulam taluk and is the largest panchayat in the Idukki district having an area measuring nearly 557 km
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